10 Days of Cultural Diversity, Ireland May 21-30

It was already universal knowledge that majority of the world’s major conflicts have a cultural/religious dimension. In recent times, some of the most despicable violence have been masterminded by men who could’ve been our neighbours, gone to the same school with us, befriended our children and even held the same colour passport as us.
The need to bridge the gap between cultures and strive for a more inclusive society has never been more stronger and more urgent.

10 Days of Cultural Diversity (May 21-30), presented by the Global Movement for Change and Project Colourful consists of a variety of events that will deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity; raise awareness for diversity and inclusion; improve understanding and dialogue between people from different cultures and different faiths and bring together individuals, communities and organisations committed to diversity.

Here’s an outline:


We hope that many people will be able to participate in this festival and enjoy the benefits of these events: make new friends, try new things and gain new understanding. We welcome visitors from around the world to our beautiful Island of Ireland. If there was any way we could assist you, please contact festivals@projectcolourful.com