About The Show

Diversecity Star is a reality showcase of the various talent and cultures of people that make up a diverse city. It creates an alternative stage to showcase talent, cultures and inspiring stories that are often left out of mainstream media attention. The goal is to expose these talents, share the unique experiences in an entertaining environment and more so to promote social and cultural diversity through art.


The show features performances in music, dance, poetry, theatre, comedy, spoken word, etc. Each act carries along with it, talent and a piece of their culture. This creates an avenue for collectively remembering and appreciating the various cultures we come from in this increasingly globalized world.


Part of our goal is to support artists in their disciplines and their creative ventures to thrive across cultural lines. For this reason, we would like to create an inter-cultural network of support and solidarity to reach worldwide goals of equality. We encourage ethnically-run projects, businesses, and institutions that address the needs of artists and creative individuals in a culturally diverse city.


The world we live in was built by people of several different backgrounds. Many ethnicity make up the multi-cultural society in cities like Dublin, London, New York, Munich, Paris, etc and immigrants from around the world can be credited for major contributions in cuisine, fashion, scholarship, social justice and art. We would like for this to be an opportunity to celebrate and honor these contributions.